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Why Affordable Health Insurance, Health Care Reform and You -Part 1

The cost of affordable Insurance premiums have increased over the years and still continue to increase at the time this article is written .The fact is that consumers have to start wondering whether the premiums that they are paying for Health Insurance Individual Plans is really worth the benefits received, especially when you are healthy.There are no easy answers when it comes to Florida health care cost. 
With the Government getting involved in order to control cost and at the same time getting consumers back
in charge of their own Individual Care with Health reform,this will have long term benefits in years to come.There are many changes taking place in the current system. Some will be visible to consumers and some won’t. As the new law takes effect the new changes are designed to benefit the Insured, Uninsured, Providers and  the Government.
Why do you really need Affordable Health  Insurance.? Having Individual health insurance  you are insuring  your self against the risk of incurring medical bills as a result of  a sickness or Accidents. We are not able to  predict or control any of these events in our lives, therefore by owning Personal Health Insurance Plans you are managing your Health and Financial Risk against Medical Cost.The high cost of unexpected Medical Care have been known to bankrupt Families creating financial hardships.The benefits of owning health Insurance and paying the premiums far out way the risk of not being Insured.
The rising cost of Individual Health Care is driven by several factors. Even with the Developments in Medical Technology the Cost of Care has continued to increase and in some cases faster than the rate of  inflation. Drug Cost is another area of increasing cost. Drugs have a costly price tag from development to approval  and market, it may take many years and millions of dollars to bring drugs from testing to a drugs  store in your local community.

Millions of Baby boomers are now reaching middle age and require more medical care. According  to  (AHIP), American Health Insurance Plans, Individuals  over 50 plus years of age use two times as much health care as individuals in their twenties and  by the time they reach 60 and over they use four times as much medical care.

Providing Health care to the uninsured is extremely expensive. An estimate of more than 45 million Americans have no form of Health Insurance. Most of the cost associated with their care is emergency room visits and many of these bills are left unpaid.The most import part of medical Care is preventative, when an uninsured American visit the emergency room for care most times they are now very sick and the cost for medical care is now far more expensive than if they were able to see a Primary Care Doctor or even a Walk In Clinic .The  cost from Insurers of delivering  Health Care to policy holders as well as their administrative
cost all add to the Health care system.

The current system is loaded with Fraud and Abuse, Malpractice Insurance for Doctors have  increase dramatically because of  law suits, payment to providers for services that was never provided, duplicated tests, Medicare and Medicaid abuses. All  these abuses add increases to the cost of Medical Care and as the cost increases we all have to pay more.

Health Care cost has a direct impact on Individual health insurance cost. Our goal  is to educate our clients  and allow them to choose the best insurance plan for them selves and their Families to find the best and most Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plan that fits their budget. Visit our web site Get a Quote or Learn More.

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