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Medical and dental insurance coverage for Individuals and Families looking for Affordable health insurance plansVia: Golden Rule Insurance Company/United health One Get a  Quotes Below

Florida Residents Total :18,444,000Uninsured Residents in Florida  is 20% or 3,8 million

This is the fourth highest rate of uninsured rate of any State

Health Insurance Information from Kaiser Foundation

 Health and Dental Insurance from United Health One and Golden Rule Health Insurance Company.

 HUMANA One Health Insurance West Palm Beach FL


Personal Health Insurance Plans, that meet your needs and you can’t do without Major Insurance Plans, Comprehensive health insurance, High Deductible Medical Insurance, find Short term Medical Insurance Plans that meet your needs.

CIGNA Health Insurance Plans West Palm Beach Florida

Co-Pay Health Insurance plans,Hsa Health Insurance plans for Families and Self employed Health Insurance for Individual and Families Dental Insurance for good dental care . Save up to 50% when you choose from the 754,000 net work of Doctors in the United Health Care Network.

United Health One is a Part of the United Health Care of Companies that offer Personal Health Insurance Products along with Golden Rule Insurance Company. Delivering quality Health Insurance for Individuals and Families.

Get a Quote on Short Term Medical Plans:insurance protection to provide the peace of mind needed because of accident or illness.Short Term health insurance  and temporary health insurance plans from United Health One.

Sharecare Information about Individual Health Insurance, Medical Information to keep you healthy. Autism, cold and Flu, health and fitness, weight loss, cancer care and much more .

Fighting Prostate Cancer in America

Get the Food List that is link to lower risk of prostate cancer. With more access to Health Care Coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act,Men can Benefit from better Medical Care with Preventive Services now covered at !00% in all Health Insurance Plans with no life time limits. Paying more attention to Life style and Eating Habits and their Doctors, men can now take better care of their health. Get the facts about prostate cancer Know the the early signs. Having Individual Health Insurance Coverage does not give you better health it is a very important tool towards better health care,Paying attention to your body and consulting with your Health Care Provider is most important.

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