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group insurance plans for employees

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Group Insurance plans for Employees- Benefits  West Palm Beach FL

Group Insurance Plans for employees-We can help you deliver on your promises to your employees and their families. Our Goal is providing Group health Insurance coverage, Group disability, Dental and Life Insurance Plans from Insurance companies that help you deliver on your promise to your employees. Great group insurance benefits increase employee productivity and boost moral. When employee feels that their employer cares about them they usually perform better at work. group insurance plans for employees

Group Benefits-Group insurance Plans disability,dental,Life insurance

We understand what your commitment means to your employees so we work with companies that provide integrated, flexible benefits options and services. We choose carefully the benefit providers that we work with they should offer superior employee benefits, education and unmatched claims processing. Group insurance plan benefits help company hire and retain high quality employees. Employee benefits is a superior financial products to help keep your employees financially secure and your company growing for years to come.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance benefits are provided by employers to employees as a part of a benefit package. The employer usually pay all or part of the health insurance coverage for the employee. The employee usually pays for their family or dependent coverage. Group health benefits  is usually paid with pretax dollars by the employee and the employer is allowed to deduct the cost of healthcare benefits. The amount the employer pay is usually 50% of the of each employee cost health and wellness monthly premium.

ACA-Group Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act  and Small Business Health Care Coverage

If you are a small employer there is a tax credit that put money in your pocket.

The Small Business healthcare tax credit benefit employers

have fewer than 25 full time equivalent employees

pay an average wage of less than $50,000 annually

pay at least half of employee health insurance premiums

For tax years 2010 through 2013 the maximum tax credit  is 35% of premium paid for business employees . 25% of premiums paid for small tax exempt employees such as charities -affordable care act- employees-small business

Group Life Insurance

Term  Life Insurance

provides protection for employees  and proceeds from life insurance can help take care of their love ones in the event of death. Most employers provide term life coverage usually the amount of your salary or fifty thousand dollars at no charge to the employee but the employee can buy additional life coverage.

Group Short Term Disability

Financial  protection  for  employee  should  they miss work for a short period  due to illness or injury. Short term disability can  start  after  seven  days  of  not  being  able to  work  and  the employee can receive benefits for up to twenty one weeks. Short term disability protect your employee pay check providing  peace of mind for them and their families.

 Group Long Term Disability Insurance

A  disability can keep an employee out of work for long period of time. Employee can choose long term disability plan that is paid by the employer or the employee before or after tax dollars allowing them to receive benefits with or without taxes.  Long term disability coverage help protect employee financial security  providing support for themselves and their families in the event of long term disability.

Group insurance plan benefits. With disability employees can spend years recovering from Illness or accidents, Long term disability coverage help to put some stability in their financial needs during difficult times so that they can recover.

 Group Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance provides benefits to help protect your overall health. Dental protection provides wellness benefits to protect your health and well being.  Regular dental exams can help to protect your health and most medical illness are usually diagnosed during routine dental exams. Dental Insurance is not only for your teeth it protect your health.

Dental Insurance usually have a yearly spending limit 2 cleanings per year and a Co-payment.

Dental Discount plans offer a discount on services if you use providers who are a part of the discount network.

PPO Group dental insurance

HMO Group dental Insurance

DHMO Group denntal Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Group vision plans, Group vision coverage

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A vision insurance plan is not only for your vision .Regular vision examination help protect your overall health.

Vision care plans can be a discount vision plan or Vision-exam plus plan which include discount on vision care and eye glasses and other services from vision providers.

Small Business coverage  People choose group health insurance plans through an employer because frequently the employer helps offset some of the premiums costs.

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