All Horizon Financial Services

Our Brand Story

“The Future belongs to the bold and fearless who dare to dream and persevere through adversity.
Lloyd G.Robinson”

Our Brand Story

Our Business Story

Our Business Story started during the worst financial crash in American history.

All Horizon Financial Services, “Higher Standards, Better Solutions“-our business story was born after the mortgage crisis that affects so many lives in Florida and throughout the entire United States. Lloyd G Robinson the founder and broker have been in the Financial Services Industry for over 25 years. A Licence health, life and Annuity Agent in Florida. We are local in West Palm Beach FL and is proud to serve Palm Beach County Residents in the city of West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and South FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton other cities in Palm Beach County. Our Promise: providing Affordable insurance coverage to individuals, in every community, one policy at a time.

In starting this company my goal as a small business owner and an entrepreneur is to provide consumers with information that help them to better understand the value of Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability insurance and more. I decide from the start to provide a  better alternative for consumers to buy Affordable insurance coverage.. and to help them make practical financial decisions about their insurance needs that will help then them to better provide financial security for their families if the worst should happen. We believe that Families don’t have to struggle if a loved one dies prematurely or lose their home if they become sick or have an accident that prevents them from working for a long period of time.

Why we are different

We are focus on providing  Affordable Insurance SolutionsValue, and Exceptional Service while educating our clients with information needed as they make these financial decisions. We view Insurance not only as a financial product but also as financial security and peace of mind for themselves and their families.

Our focus is our clients and their needs.

With Health Care Reform, health insurance is even more difficult for consumers to understand.There are multiple insurance companies, agent, and brokers providing health plans in West Palm Beach Florida covering specific zip codes and counties in Florida.

For most insurance consumers understanding the health care marketplace is one thing, they are embracing reluctantly.We intend to help fill that space in making the purchasing of affordable health insurance products simpler to choose and buy coverage.Focusing on individual health, Small business coverage, Life and senior products including medicare Supplements.

We extend our service hours for our clients benefit, with local unmatched service and the information needed to buy affordable coverage.

Our Mission 

Our mission is clear- we are focus on helping Individuals, Families and Businesses access Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability and more at an affordable cost. We work to provide first class service using technology to make the purchasing and understanding of insurance products as simple as possible.We are human first, and we do make mistakes if you bring any shortcoming to our attention. We will do our best to correct the error.  Our customers will write our business story as we continue to grow and build our firm.

Our commitment

Adding value to the lives of others and help improve our local communities as we write the next chapter in our business story.

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