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Which Should You Buy-Term or Permanent life Insurance

term life permanent life insurance

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Life insurance:Which Should You Buy … Term Life or Permanent?

Which should you buy term or Permanent life insurance. Term life offer protection for a specific number of years ,while Permanent life can provide life time or protection to a specific age in time.

Life Insurance is sold in two different types.

There are ### policies and or whole life insurance.

Term Life Insurance is a type of Insurance that offer temporary life insurance protection only.

Permanent Life Insurance offer life insurance and savings in one contract.

Whole Life or Permanent Life Insurance build cash value while  providing you with Insurance protection,and usually more than Term Life Insurance.

For individual and family Term Insurance provides more life Insurance coverage for lower premiums because term insurance is usually sold for a specific period of time from 10 to 30 year term .Term Life Insurance is a very cost effective way of providing coverage for your self and family offering security and peace of mind if the worst should happen.

Term life permanent life insurance ,buy life  insurance when you are Healthy  and Younger.
Life Insurance cost more as you get older or develop adverse health conditions.


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