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critical illness insurance

Assurant Health:Supplemental Health Plans Quote Dental | Accidents | Cancer | Critical Illness Insurance | Stroke and Heart Attack Plans | There to Help Meet Your Financial Needs Medical treatment has never been better, but also it has never been more expensive. Critical illness insurance is a type of medical insurance that pays a lump-sum benefit when you are diagnosed with a critical illness or condition. With a critical illness insurance policy you can avoid the financial strain a major illness can create so you can focus on your recovery.

Determine Your Need Although medical insurance and other insurance coverage you may have are critical in covering your medical and major medical expenses they won’t cover everything. People today can experience financial difficulty because of the expenses their insurance does not cover.

Critical illness insurance could be a supplement to other health insurance. Determine if critical illness insurance is right for you by learning more about what it covers. Because a critical insurance policy can pay you a cash benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness or condition, you choose how to spend it:  Get a Quote

  • Make payments on your bills or mortgage
  • Pay out-of-pocket medical bills
  • Hire help for around the house

Critical Illness coverage pays cash right to you. Lump sum cash benefit paid upon diagnosis or treatment Use the cash any way you need Visit any doctor or Hospital-No network restrictions For you and/or your spouse ages 18-59 at purchase Buy any amount, your choice $5,000,$10,000,$15000 to $100,000 in critical illness benefits.

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