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Doctor, Hospital and other Healthcare providers contracted with Health plan to provide health care services to members in the Insurance Company service area. Health Plan members use approve in-network providers so they can save money and health care cost.

Health Care Providers and the benefit to the health plan members

Network providers allow the Insurance company to reduce the cost of medical care. Provider list is always updating and new providers are added throughout the year.

Hmo Health Insurance Plans

These plans may require referral to use in-network specialist. You must have an in-network Primary care doctor or PCP.

PPO Health Insurance Plans

PPO Health Plans allow members to see any health care provider or specialist without a referral. Plan members will save money on health care if they use in-network health care providers.

EPO HealthCare Plans

EPO Health Plans require members to maintain a relationship with a Primary Care Provider. In order to see a Specialist in the plan network, no referral is needed from your PCP.

HMO- Health Maintainance Organisations

PPO- Preferred Provider Organisations.

EPO – Exclusive Provider Organizations.


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