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Global Travel Health Insurance in West Palm Beach, FL

Geo Blue  Travel Health Insurance, The Best Protection Possible When Travelling  Overseas.

Short-Term Travel Medical Insurance Plans in Florida for all overseas travel.

Travel Insurance                                                 International Travel

Single Trip coverage                                                          Overseas Students                                                                                                          Contact a Broker

Global Travel Medical Insurance: We are Experts  Brokers in Global  Medical Insurance partnering with  Geo Blue a Blue Cross Blue Shields Company to provide the best  Travel Medical Insurance to Expatriate traveling World Wide from West Palm Beach or from the State of Florida or From anywhere in the United States to a Foreign Country Country.  If its a  Vacation, Missionary work, Business Travel, Work or Student for Education. We can help you find affordable coverage that works for you and your family.


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Travel Medical Insurance with Quality Health Benefits for the best in the worldwide protection

affordable coverage for total peace of mind as you travel the globe.

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Travel insurance is peace of mind when outside of your comfort zone in a foreign country travel coverage from Geo Blue a Blue Cross Blue Shields Company. Global travel medical insurance with the support of Blue Cross Blue Shields network of medical providers around the globe.

Destination Travel Health Insurance

Finding medical coverage where ever your travel takes you anywhere in the world. Short-Term or long-term travel with medical evacuation and local medical coverage.

Travel protection in Africa, Asia, Central America/Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, North America, Western Europe.

Take Your Travel Insurance with you

When traveling to a Foreign Country on that exciting vacation or a business trip anywhere in the world things can change rapidly turning the best-made plans into a total disaster. Get quality coverage for your peace of mind when you travel with Geo Blue international travel insurance, the coverage that goes where you go.     Get  A Free Quote and Compare Travel coverage

Individual Travel  Insurance Plans

Geo Blue Comprehensive international medical insurance that provides world-class coverage for Individuals, Families, Groups or the World traveler who wants the security and peace of mind on a foreign trip knowing that in the worst situations you have a company with a professional group of international medical providers who will be there if you need them. Global international health insurance that includes coverage for Pre-existing conditions, Doctors, emergencies, hospital and medical evacuation around the globe for you and your entire family.

Global Travel Medical Insurance for Long-term and short-term visitors

Comprehensive coverage for Florida short-term visitors including students studying in any Florida University

Geo Blue Student Health Insurance

Travel Insurance for students studying abroad

International Medical Evacuation  Coverage

Medical evacuation to your home country or the closest location with quality health care ( policy limit may apply for this coverage) dual coverage in the United States and around the world. Global travel medical insurance with worldwide healthcare benefits including the United  States.

Long Term Coverage

International Major medical insurance designed for international travelers and their families. Employers with company divisions overseas or in the United States. Affordable coverage for peace of mind and security.

Long Term Travel Insurance for  Church Missionary and Groups

Short Term Coverage

International coverage for one trip or a certain number of daysIt is Easy to Quote and Buy coverage

Send us your travel dates and we will select and quote your coverage and send you an email.

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International health insurance for Captain and crew members.

Affordable coverage for worldwide long and short-term travel on the high seas.

Employer- Long and Short  term  travel Coverage

For employers with division overseas or have salespeople traveling to foreign countries for long term or short term. Protect your employees with Geo Blue

Global Travel Medical Insurance: Healthy Travel  Resources to stay well

Living and Travelling abroad can introduce you or your family to new risk. Before traveling start with a health profile that will help in the event of emergencies.

1. If you are taking medications make a list in emergency doctors or hospital may need to know the names of the prescription medication you are taking.

2. Find a  list of doctors and hospitals in your global insurance network in your travel destination for quick access in emergency situations.

traveling sometimes means you have to adapt to cultures and locations to maintain travel wellness

American Expatriate living in Europe, Expatriate living in Jamaica and any Caribbean Island, Living in Asia or Visitors from any country in the World, Travelling or Working in West Palm Beach Florida this coverage will work for you. Get  A  Free Quote

GeoBlue – Travel Medical and International Health Insurance GeoBlue International Health Insurance plans and services for individual expatriates, business and leisure travelers. GeoBlue International Health Insurance plans and services for individual expatriates, business and leisure travelers offer a better kind of care for world travelers like you:

•Plush benefits • Impeccable service • Consummate protection Product-specific content Questions? Email: Meet GeoBlue.

1 What is GeoBlue Trekker? Health and accident insurance for frequent international travel covering:

• up to $250,000 medical/$500,000 evacuation • Unlimited trips in a 364 day period (70-day max. per trip)

• A choice of medical limits is available

• Pre-existing conditions for both medical services and medical evacuation

• Two levels of coverage are available: Essential and Choice* • Available up to age 84*.

What is GeoBlue Voyager? Health insurance and assistance for short-term international travel covering:

• Up to $1,000,000 medical/$500,000 evacuation

• Up to 180 days of coverage. One policy extension is available

• A choice of medical limits and deductibles

• Pre-existing conditions coverage is available*

• Two levels of coverage are available: Essential and Choice*

• Group plans are available with a 10% discount for groups of five or more.

• Available up to age 84*. What is GeoBlue Xplorer? Expatriate health insurance for global living that provides:

• Unlimited annual and lifetime maximum

• Comprehensive, primary worldwide benefits

• The ability to define your deductible and prescription benefits

• Choose to include* or exclude coverage in the U.S.

• Pre-existing conditions covered with creditable coverage

• Preventive care, medical evacuation and more.

• Two levels of coverage are available: Essential and Premier*

• Can be kept up to age 84.

Travel Medical Evacuation coverage and family reunion benefits. Global Travel Medical Insurance with Medical Evacuation and Family reunion benefits, Get Peace of Mind when you travel to a foreign country.

What is GeoBlue Navigator? Worldwide medical coverage for crew members, missionaries, students and faculty that offers:

• Unlimited annual and lifetime maximum (4 office visit max.)

• Comprehensive, primary worldwide benefits

• The ability to define your deductible • Pre-existing conditions covered with creditable coverage

• Preventive care, medical evacuation and more.

• Can be kept up to age 74.

International Travel Medical Insurance

Missionary Travel Health Insurance

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Coverage and benefits

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