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Why You Need Travel Insurance Coverage Worldwide

Why You Need Travel Insurance


We are living in perilous times.  Though this fact is true it would be irrational for global citizens to stop living. So although these times are unpredictable, the fact of the matter is, people will continue to travel be it for personal pleasure or business purposes. To maintain your peace of mind travel insurance coverage is a great addition to consider.

There are three types of travel insurance to keep in mind when traveling internationally: Travel Health Insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance and Medical Evacuation Insurance. Each of these serves a specific purpose and may need to be purchased separately depending on the insurance company and policy.

Travel Cancellation Insurance (TCI) will cover you if, as the name implies, you’ve had to cancel your trip for any reason. TCI covers funds you may have spent on travel such as plane, train, or cruises. TCI will reimburse you if someone were to get sick prior to take off. With TCI you can leave room for those last minute changes that cannot necessarily be prevented or predicted. You’ll want to make sure to look out for any restrictions on your policy. You may need tailored policies to your specifications. Travel Health Insurance coverage includes medical benefits in The United States.

Travel Health Insurance (THI) covers you in the event that you need medical services on your trip. With THI you’ll avoid paying for

steep medical services out of pocket. This will be important for people with existing health conditions, especially if that condition is one of unpredictability, like sickle cell or cancer.  According to, THI is also good if you plan to participate in extreme sporting activities like bungee jumping or scuba diving.

Medical Evacuation Insurance (MEI) is not only reserved for remote 3rd world countries where medical care is “not up to U.S. standards,” according to MEI will pay for transport to a high quality hospital. You’ll want to make sure your MEI policy also offers 24 hour physician support centers.

Travel Insurance may seem like over-preparation at first but when crisis hits, you’ll be glad you did. As the saying goes, “it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.”


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