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ACA Market Place Health Insurance in Polk County, Florida

At All Horizon Financial Services we have help people through out Florida find affordable Individuals and Family health insurance for over 10 years. Our primary goal is listening to your needs and helping you to understand the benefits of the health care plan so you can choose the policy that is best for you or your family.

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Affordable Individual health care plans Winter Haven FL

Obama Care market place plans may help reduce the cost of health insurance. Call now see if you qualify for a tax credit to lower the cost of medical insurance.

We believe in choice, that is why we are contracted with multiple Insurance Companies in Florida. After many years in the insurance business we understand how important medical coverage is to you and your family. We’ll help you find a health Insurance plan that works for you.

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Medicare is a Federal Program for people who are citizens and legal residents 65 years of age or older, people under 65 with qualified disabilities and certain qualified medical illness. Medicare is funded by tax payments to Social Security.

Most people 65 years of age, who have work and paid taxes for 40 quarters will qualify for Part A of

Medicare others may qualify through special circumstances. Medicare beneficiary pay for Medicare Part B either through deduction from social security check or direct payments on your own LEARN MORE

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