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Group Dental Plans

Group Dental Plans

group dental plans
In its most basic form, group dental health insurance is an insurance product that provides dental care benefits to those who are part of a group. Most frequently, this group is through an employer but it can also be through an association or some sort of membership opportunity such as a school, club, or professional organization. Group dental insurance plans are based on the premise of safety in numbers. Although a few members of the group will need dental care, there is still a chance that the health insurance company will remain profitable because the majority of the group members will remain relatively healthy. Group dental Insurance Benefits usually have annual limits on dental care .Preventive care is covered with a small co-pay.

Employer-based Coverage

If available, most people choose group dental insurance coverage through an employer because frequently the employer helps offset some of the premiums costs. Some group plans may behave other benefits that are not available with individual insurance, such as no waiting period, no physical requirements, or lower rates. Employees contribute anywhere from 10 to 60% of the premium cost.


There are four main types of group dental health insurance plans: the health maintenance organization (HMO), preferred provider option (PPO) Indemnity dental plans) and discount dental plans

  • HMO Dental Plans In an HMO, each person must choose a dentist from the network . In order to meet with a specialist you will choose one from the network. In all likelihood, those going out of network or failing to get prior approval before seeing a specialist will not have any benefits paid.
  • PPO Dental Insurance Plans These group plans also have network restrictions, but do allow the patient to go outside the network. If the patient goes out of network he or she will usually pay a higher rate than if the services were provided inside the network. Also, PPO plans usually do not require designating a dental care provider or receiving a referral before seeing a specialist.


Generally an HMO is the least expensive dental plan because it is the most restrictive. At the other end of the spectrum is the PPO because it is the most flexible and usually cost more HMOs and PPOs in terms of overall cost.


In some cases, there will be no choice. An employer or group may only offer one type of plan. In cases where both types of plans are offered – usually HMO and PPO – the employer requires different premiums. Overall, any dental health plan is generally considered better than not having one at all.

Group dental coverage is available from the largest insurance companies in Florida.

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