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Disability Insurance Plans in Florida

Your Income is typically your largest asset. You Must own Disability Income policy to Protect your Pay check . Think about how much you earn in a year. What if that income is no longer coming in? because you are unable to work due to an accident or illness.

Disability insurance plans

How long could you survive without your pay check? What if you couldn’t work for a year,two years or even longer?. Who would pay your mortgage,rent,car payment, food

and cover the expense of daily living. The financial consequences of the Lent of disability

or illness could be financially devastating.

Individual Disability Insurance can be purchase through an employer,or as an Individual Plan. If you are selfemployed,or work for an employer who does not offer employee benefits. Purchasing an individual disability plan you are responsible to pay the premium.

There different type of disability insurance individuals-Short term disability insurance plans and long term disability plans that will pay a benefits through age 67.Consult with human resources or your insurance to discuss the benefits and plan that is best for you.


We insure our car,home and other possession,why not insure your income?the most important and valuable possession. Protecting your pay check is easier than you think with Disability Income Insurance.  DI Insurance Replace a certain Percent of

 Short Term disability Insurance for Individuals Short term disability insurance usually provide benefits for a short period.This type of disability plans are usually provided as part of employee group benefits.
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