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Local Health and Life Insurance Broker West Palm Beach FL

Local Health and Life Insurance Broker, Agent : Near me makes it simple to find expert help to assist you compare, choose  and buy Affordable health insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Travel Medical and International Health Insurance for Individuals in every community in West Palm Beach and in the State of Florida.

Facts about Insurance

Life or health Insurance is not one of those financial products that people usually get excited about but as a Insurance and Financial Professional the only way to manage the risk in our lives is to buy Affordable insurance coverage .

Health Insurance : Reduce the financial impact of  health care cost resulting illness or accidents. Medical Insurance help to reduce your maximum out of pocket cost protecting  you from having to worry about paying healthcare bills while recovering from a serious illness or surgery.

Health Insurance can only be purchase during open enrollment on November 1 st each year. The  exception, you must have a life change. . A life change is classify as loss of existing coverage, a move to a different  State or zip code, change in immigration status.

You must apply for existing coverage within 6o days of lost of credible health insurance coverage. Moving to another State does not qualify if you did not have coverage for at least 30 days of the last 90 days prior to moving. All health insurance policy are now guaranteed issue and must include maternity coverage. Get Quotes

Life Insurance : Replace family income if a main income earner or spouse die as a result of an accident or illness. The life insurance proceeds is paid to the name beneficiary on the policy. Proceeds can be use to pay for college education, pay mortgage, cover final medical expense and provide security for your love ones if  death should occur prematurely.

Disability Insurance : replacing  your paycheck with disability coverage is the safe way to insure that if you are unable to work because of  accident or illness that extend for long an extended period the insurance will pay a percent of your pay check depending on the terms of your policy.

Why Buy Coverage through Local Health or Life Insurance Broker

Local health and life insurance Broker, Agent are qualified and license professionals who understand the new health insurance plans and benefits. Their expert help and knowledge will help you choose the best coverage for your self and your family. The best part it does not cost you extra. The insurance agents are paid by the Insurance Companies. You also have an expert working on your behalf.  Get a Quote

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