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Does Your Credit Matter In Insurance Purchase


Credit and Insurance


Does your credit matter in individual Insurance Purchase?

When it comes to buying insurance your credit does matter,your credit score is also a part of the decision making process. Maintaining good credit will help you to reduce cost on mortgage home loans, individual and business credit and of course insurance cost. Insurance companies may not use your credit profile to deny coverage for most insurance but they can use details from your profile to confirm your identity.They will usually ask a number of questions that only you will be able to answer.

>Credit History and Insurance Purchase

Health insurance providers can use your credit information to determine  qualification and risk profile for insurance or use items from your credit report to verify your identity.The Insurers  must also protect your credit and personal information from identity theft.Any breach must be reported to you the consumer and the relevant Federal  Office. Credit and insurance are often linked together because credit is a big factor when you are qualifying for most insurance coverage.

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