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Young Adult Health Insurance –

 Health Insurance plans for young adults and students West Palm Beach Florida

If you want to cover children on your health plan? You can now add or even  keep your children on your health care insurance policy until they reach 26 years of age.This is now required under the Affordable Care Act.

Find Young Adult Health Insurance and Buy Affordable health insurance Plans for students in Florida

Before the health care law .Insurance Companies could remove insurance companies could remove children enroll on your medical plan at age 19,and older for full time college students.

Young Adult Health Insurance 

Children covered by most health plan must extend coverage to children up to age 26 even if they don’t live at home and married.In allowing children to remain on their parents health care plans,the law allow children more affordable health care options and make it easy for young adults to find health care coverage. Young adult health insurance must also cover preventive services including dental care through age 19.


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