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Will Health Insurance Plans Cover Coronavirus Test?

Covid 19

Americans in every state including Florida become more concerned about their health and the wellbeing of their love ones.

They are doing their best to protect themselves and their families because of the deadly Virus. Buying food supplies and other needed items.

Free Quotes Florida Health care plans

People are planning for the possibility of being in their homes for a long period of time. To avoid contracting or spreading the coronavirus this measure is necessary.

As a result, this crisis is causing family and individual budget is stretch to the max. Some people may not be able to work or even lose their jobs.

Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance companies are beginning to respond to this crisis allowing health plans to cover Coronavirus test for members as a preventive care service.

Coronavirus Co-pays, Diagnostic Test

Some Health Insurance Companies are deciding to eliminate Co-pays or wave them all together on diagnostic testing. Other companies are still in the process of deciding how to handle this crisis.

Most health insurance plans that meet the Affordable Care Act- Obama Care will most likely cover this test.

This is great news for consumers, the last thing we need is an American in Palm Beach County or in any other State become ill and is afraid to do the diagnostic test required because of cost.

Paying Your Health Insurance Premium

Pay health insurance premium on time so if you need health care services you won’t be denied coverage.

Don’t lose Your Coverage for Non Payment

If you lose your health plan benefits you may be responsible to pay for your own health care services.

Prevention is still your best protection

Listen to State, Local and Federal Officials.

Practice Social Distancing, staying or working from home.

Washing yours as often as you can.

Reduce personal contact and large gathering

Maintain a healthy immune system.

Protecting Against Coronavirus– COVID 19

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Florida Department of Health offers a directive on covid19

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