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Will My Health Insurance Cover All OF My Health Care

Will My Health Plan Cover All OF My Health Care?

Your Health Insurance is a type of Medical Coverage that pays for health care cost like Hospital Visits, Surgery, Preventive care, Pharmacy and much more. When these cost are incurred by the insured usually with prior authorization and premiums are paid  . Health insurance companies can pay the insured directly or the provider of those health care services. The insured benefits from lower negotiated  rate between the health insurance company and the provider.

Most Health Insurance plan is not design to pay all of your health care cost but health plans must meet Federal standards and cap your maximum out of pocket cost. Will health insurance cover all my health care ?, If you are sick or injured you will share in the cost of your medical care until you meet your maximum out of pocket cost each year.

Health Insurance Reform

Health Insurance reform mandated that insurance companies comply  with the Law known as The Affordable Care Act that require health plans to eliminate all practices that prevent consumers from getting access to affordable health coverage.

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