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West Palm Beach -Florida- Health Insurance-Health Care Reform Moving Forward

Love it or Hate It, Health Care Reform is moving forward.Individuals and Families are now Benefiting from the Changes that are now in Place.Court Challenges are also Making There way through the Court System .The Changes that are already in place are Having Real Benefits in the life of consumers and the Uninsured.No Pre existing Conditions for Children,Children remaining on their Parents Health Insurance Coverage Until Age 26 and of course Preventative Care are now Included in all Health Plans. There are much more changes to come and will be Implemented 2012 and beyond .Health Insurance Providers  have done an Excellent Job in Implementing these changes with out affecting the Quality of Service to Consumers. In the long run Consumers will Benefit by having more Access to Affordable Health Insurance, more Uninsured will Have Access to Health Coverage and People with Pre existing Condition will have coverage through High Risk Pool in their respective States.The ultimate goal of this Reform is to make Health Care more AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE

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