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Understanding Health Insurance Florida

Understanding Health Insurance West Palm Beach Florida

Understanding Health Insurance makes it easier to use your benefits.

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Understanding Health Insurance

Health Insurance is coverage that pays for preventive care, surgical and hospital expenses when incurred by the insured. Health Plan may reimburse the insured for certain health care expenses that are caused by sickness or accident. Payments are usually paid to the healthcare provider directly less the amount to be paid by the insured referred to as deductible and co-pays.

Health Plans establish a network and pre-negotiate rates with medical providers on behalf of their members. Depending on the health care policy you buy you will save money on health care services if you use in-network providers. You can choose HMO, PPO, EPO health plans. Each type of network will have limitations.

HMO Plans- you must use an in-network provider for health care services.

PPO Plans- you can use out of network providers, but you will save money on health services when you receive services from network providers.

EPO Plans -you have only in-network care from a hospital, doctors, and other providers. The network is usually smaller in order to reduce cost.

The Affordable Care Act Obama care-sign into Law by President Obama require Health Insurance Companies to provide 10 essential health benefits in all health plan sold to consumers. Health Plans can no longer deny or discontinue coverage because you are sick. You will have to buy coverage during open enrollment. To get coverage outside of open enrollment you must have a life change.

Short Term Health insurance can only be sold for maximum duration 90 days. These types of plans provide limited coverage and do not meet the ACA guidelines and will not prevent the penalty if you buy this type of coverage.

All Horizon Financial Services Understanding health Insurance

Health Insurance in Florida are guaranteed issue, Guaranteed approval during open enrollment and will cover most of your health care cost and reduce out of pocket medical cost if you are sick or have an accident.

Kaiser foundation youtube video– Kaiser Foundation provides consumer information on health care and health Insurance policy.

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