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Trends That Will Change Life Insurance Risk

Will  Consumer Health Affect Life Insurance Risk ?

Over the past 10 years health risk for life insurance applicants have change significantly  in Florida and in the entire United States. The solutions to these serious health concerns are still being debated, the increasing number of Florida Residents living with diabetes, Hepatitis C, hypertension, the opioid epidemic and other diseases continue to affect individuals all over America.

Life Insurance Companies, brokers,    Agents and partners have to focus their attention on managing risk,  monitor fraudulent activities, these concerns will be priority for industry leaders in this new landscape as they continue  help people manage financial risk.

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Stop and Review Life Insurance Risk

More than one third of US Adults have elevated blood sugar levels only 1-8 people who are prediabetic know they have a problem.

Hepatitis C is increasing, Baby Boomers are 5 times more likely to have hepatitis C. 70-80% Of People with hep.C don’t show any symptoms.

With these new data life insurance Companies are more diligent in underwriting risk and at the same time growing their business. Brokers and Agents are now on the front line of risk management with Identity theft dominating all aspect of business in the financial service sector.

Technology and Risk 

Life Insurance Risk and consumer education

With technology driving change, efficiency and easier life insurance processing the rise of fraud have also increase. These trends requires industry leaders, financial professional and State regulators have to educate consumers to ensure that they are working with Licensed Insurance and Financial Service professionals. Consumer education will in the long run reduce fraud and identity theft even as technology become  the norm in transacting business in the Insurance Industry.  The risk of fraud and identity theft can be reduce or even eliminated at the application process when brokers and agents verify the identity of their applicants applying for Life Life Insurance Policy.


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