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Top 5 Florida Health Insurance Questions and Answers.

health insurance answers 

 Five Health Insurance Questions you must ask.

Health insurance is a necessary consumer financial product that every one will use at some point or other,yet it is so misunderstood. With health care reform now permanent we will attempt to answer the top questions our health insurance consumer ask in every conversation.

When deciding on  Individual Health Insurance either family or group medical plan your plan provider must answer these top questions in order for you to compare and choose the coverage that meet your needs..

Your health insurance broker,agent and insurance company should answer these insurance Questions. If you are in Florida you have over a hundreds plans to choose from. The Affordable Care Act reform health care adding more value to your medical coverage.


Five things you must know to understand the cost of your medical care.


The amount of money you pay to keep your health insurance plan active. You will pay this amount monthly for  the entire year. Your health plan will remain active as long as you pay all of your monthly premium cost.


The specified amount you pay for certain medical services. These services include doctors visits,pharmacy prescriptions,diagnostic testing, home care services and other services according to your insurance policy.


The specified amount of money you will be responsible to pay before your insurance company starts paying. Your deductible will be met according to the amount of medical care you use during the year.


The amount of medical bill you will pay for specified services, after you meet your deductible.Your co-insurance cost is actually sharing the cost of your health care with your health insurance company.

Out of Pocket Maximum

The total cost you will pay before the insurance company pays all of your medical care for that year.

These health insurance questions,Answers will affect your health care cost

Top 5 health insurance questions from Florida residents when buying Florida medical Insurance.People are looking for affordable health insurance coverage the above 5 answers will determine how much you will pay for monthly cost and maximum health insurance cost you will be responsible for if you need care in one year. more health insurance questions

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