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The need for Insurance at different Horizon in life.

  The need for Insurance to protect  your self  and your Family from Financial loss due to death ,illness or accident.It is always amazing when i ask the questions of clients .What is your single most important asset ?The answer i usually get is my car ,my home,my business.I rarely get an answer that their income and the ability to continue to earn one is their single most important asset.The conclusion that is that lack of knowledge contribute to individuals being under insured ,as professionals we are not doing a good enough job educating clients about the needs and benefits insurance for Individuals and families.The three most Important Insurance for young Families in my opinion are Health Insurance -Protecting you and your family against  medical illness
Life Insurance -Protecting you and your family against premature  death.Disability income insurance protecting your income against illness or accident.These insurance plans are what i consider to be important in the planning stage of life .The amounts will vary base on your individual
and family needs.Individual Health Insurance Plans Florida, Affordable disability insurance,Term and Permanent Life Insurance and Affordable Dental and Vision Plans Give us a call  or send an email

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