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Stay Insured And Be Secure-Individual Health Insurance Plans Florida

Stay Insured And Be Secure- Individual Health Insurance Plans Florida–Get The right Florida Individual Health  Insurance,Enroll now.

By: Cierra Robinson, Lloyd G.Robinson.

Your eight year old child wakes up with a high fever and relentless spells of vomit. He’s not holding food down and your family has no Individual health insurance plans. What will you do to care for your child? Under Health Care Reform being uninsured is no longer acceptable.

As of March 31,2014 Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act is requiring all uninsured to become insured or face a tax penalty that increases with the year. If you cannot afford even the lowest offered Silver Plan premium you may apply for exemption or hardship. It is also said if the premium cost more than 8% of your household income you are also exempt from the penalty.

Health Insurance Plans for Families is beneficial in several ways. It reduces the financial cost of medical care for families. The Affordable Care Act now requires that Health Insurance Companies can no longer place dollar limit on health insurance benefits. In the event you or a family member is sick with a major medical illness you can focus on getting healthy rather than worrying about running out of health  benefits before you are well. Preventive care services are now covered at no additional cost.   Other benefits to having Individual Health Insurance include early detection of disease or illness, routine checkups and well visits, annual physicals as well as saving large sums of money on unexpected medical bills and potentially saving someone’s life.

The upshot is that Obama Care ACA covers doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs and maternity care without restrictions. In addition there are no restrictions for a condition that’s preexisting whether physical or mental illness. It does not even require you to give a detailed medical history to gain to coverage according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (   Now, it is also true that many families and individuals may not be able afford health insurance. In this case, according to, Obama Care, The Affordable Care Act  gives the option for states to expand Medicaid to cover low income individuals.

Young people under 30 can purchase catastrophic health care plans with low premium payments but more out of pocket expenses. It also must provide three free doctor’s visits every year as a part of plan benefits. Some families may be eligible for a subsidy to purchase individual health insurance plans depending on income since the above may not apply.   These Health Insurance Plans for Individuals and Families are organized by state. So for instance if you live in Florida you would have to apply to the Florida Marketplace, Federal Market Place or a local FL Broker to learn about your individual health insurance Plan options for you or a Family member via

To stay ahead of diseases or even the ever, present, common cold and unexpected medical expenses, research your health insurance options to keep your family and yourself healthy and secure.   For more information visit these websites:   Note: You may apply by phone, internet, paper application, or consult a certified agent or broker to get a quote.

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