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Special Enrollment Change July 2016 Florida

Special Enrollment is a period outside open enrollment.

A special enrollment period is a period outside open enrollment in which you can get coverage due to qualifying life events. You may qualify for a special enrollment if you miss the dead line, have a change in your family status,loose your health plan, immigration, death in your family or experience one or more of the many hardships.  See if you qualify

As of July 2016

Starting July 2016 you must prove you had qualifying health coverage for even one month in the qualifying 90 days prior to moving to State of Florida. You will no longer qualify to buy health coverage simply because you move to another State or  Zip code within the State of Florida or in your existing home State.

Special Enrolment can help you get or continue health coverage

You must get a hardship exemption to avoid the tax penalty. Special enrollment can guarantee continuous medical coverage if you qualify for a life change.

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