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Repealing The Affordable Care Act Increase Uninsured To 56 MILLION

Repealing The Affordable Care could change health Insurance coverage

Repealing the Affordable Care Act may have a big impact on Health Insurance  Cost, this will cause an increase in uninsured people and increase Health Insurance premiums for everyone. Without access to affordable care, the cost of premium will increase.
repealing the affordable care act
Health Insurance will not be accessible with the repeal of The Affordable Care Act, Obama Care, and without

Will Repealing the Affordable Care Act affect health care in Florida

Affordable health insurance in Florida, care will not be accessible to most people who could lose private health insurance in Florida or any other State. The people who will possibly lose their coverage who can only afford health coverage because they are receiving a subsidy will not have coverage to take care of the very basic of medical care, preventive services.

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Florida Medicaid Services could be Impacted

Without Medicaid that provides health care to low-income people, most rural hospitals in Florida could see a reduction of services provided to residents.

In the major cities like West Palm Beach, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale and Miami could see hospitals and providers reduce health care services provided through the Medicaid program because of budget cuts.

The people who might need health care because of chronic disease, disability, people in nursing homes and people on Medicare who get help paying for their medications will be impacted. Providers may be a force to provide uncompensated care, the end result of this is businesses that operate or link to health care could end up reducing workers to remain profitable.

Will Group Health Insurance Cost More

Repealing the Affordable care act could even affect group health insurance coverage with a reduction in the number of people covered by employer group plans.

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