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Open Enrollment 2017-2018 Plan Year- Health Insurance Plans

Open Enrollment 2017-2018 Plan Year- Health Insurance

Open enrollment 2017-2018 is a time of the year when individuals and families can buy health coverage with guaranteed issue.  This means that even if you have a preexisting medical condition you can still get health insurance coverage. The Affordable Health Care Act provides certain protection for consumers requiring guaranteed issue coverage, health plans must include ten essential health benefits and must cover preventive care with no enrollment 2017-2018

Open Enrollment for 2018

Open Enrollment for 2018 starts November 1st, 2017 and ends December 15, 2017, this is shorter than 2016, people who procrastinate

could miss out on valuable health coverage including healthy individuals. Start early to prepare for your application this include Market Place Coverage people who have to renew coverage and those buying and paying for private health coverage.

People who qualify can still get a tax credit to help reduce their health insurance cost.

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