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Affordable Health Care Act for Individuals and Families

Obama Care Health Insurance Plans


80% of Floridians with health  insurance, the largest amount  are covered through employer coverage.Individual Health Insurance 6%

Navigating the Obamacare Health Insurance Market place can be complicated.The Affordable Care Act,  the correct name of the  health care law nick name Obamacare.We are here to help you work through the changes in Health Care and Health insurance, helping you to understand and choose the best health plan for you or your family.

In Florida 44% of uninsured  individuals are eligible to receive a tax credit to help purchase health coverage.The main place to purchase coverage is through the market place .1.4 million will receive a tax credit to help purchase coverage there by reducing the cost of  individual health insurance premiums.Data provided by the Kaiser Health Foundation.

The Affordable Care Act will benefit Florida Residents allowing them to buy affordable medical insurance plans with the benefit of a federal tax credit.With more families having health care this will improve the overall health of Florida.

The Affordable Health Care ActAffordable Care Act

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