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Molina Health Care Plans are sold on the Health Care exchange and through Health Insurance Brokers in West Palm Beach Florida and in all counties where they participate.  Molina Health Care Insurance for Individuals and Families one of the few Health Insurance Company that is on the approve list of most hospitals in Palm Beach County.   Get A Quote or Call 561-688-7300

Molina Health Care Services

Molina provides Quality, affordable medical insurance for Individuals and Families through the Obama Care, ACA program and focus on lower to middle income people in Florida . Health care services is provided through Molina Clinics in West palm Beach, Rivera Beach  Florida and all counties and States in which they operate.

Molina Net Work Providers

Health Care services through  approve Primary care Doctors and other health care providers.

Molina health Care  through Hospitals in West Palm Beach and throughout Florida Counties.

Molina  provides Health Care to Individuals and Families covered by Government Programs. Molina is one of the few profitable Manage Care Insurance Companies who participate in the Affordable Health Care Act and Medicaid Insurance in Florida.

Molina Health Care Clinic, 944 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33415

Molina Health Clinic,  3514 Broadway, Rivera Beach, FL 33404


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