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Health Insurance Coverage for Families in Florida

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Florida Residents Total :18,444,000

Uninsured Residents in Florida  is 20% or 3,8 million

This is the fourth highest rate of uninsured rate of any State

Health Insurance Information from Kaiser Foundation

  The  best thing about  Family Health insurance coverage is that Health insurance plans for families usually have multiple individuals in a family covered under the same contract. These  type on medical insurance coverage are only sold to families and not to individuals. The new family plans allow young adults to remain on their parents plans until the age of 26 even if they don’t occupy the same home address. Children below the age of 

You can buy Family  health Insurance through group coverage offered by  your employer.If your employer does not offer group health insurance plans you can buy personal family coverage from a health insurance company or use the services of a insurance broker or agent. Family health insurance Plans can only use  family size,age or if there are smokers in order to determine cost of family health insurance premiums. Health Insurance for children

The health conditions of the family members can no longer be be use to determine cost or to deny coverage. Families can choose from the list of  plans available and sold by health insurance companies even if they apply on the health care market place. When purchasing health insurance for families you will choose from four types of metal plans.These plans cover a certain percentage of your medical cost with a maximum out of pocket.

There are required items that must be included as a part of the essential health coverage now required by The Affordable Care Act -ACA-Obama care insurance plans. Bronze, Silver, Gold  and Platinum. Family health insurance can be PPO Plans,HMO Plans,POS Plans or even HSA Health insurance.

Children health Insurance plans now includes medical and dental as part of  coverage. These  type of plans utilize provider networks in order to reduce and control medical cost,Families can go out side of network for services but it typically cost more.

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