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What You Should Know-Short Term Medical Plans

Florida Short Term medical insurance What You Should Know About Florida Short Term Medical Plans

Short Term Health Plans does not meet the essential health benefits under the Affordable Care Act-Obama Care.

You will still pay a tax penalty of 2.5 % of Income.

Short Term Plans does not cover pre-existing conditions.

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Does not provide benefits for preventive care

Usually Have Higher deductible and Co-Payments

Who Should Buy  Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Healthy Individuals.

Lose Health Coverage  and waiting for new coverage to start

College student

Young Adults starting a new job

Waiting for Medicare coverage to start

Miss open- enrollment

Individuals in between jobs

Want the security of health coverage in the event of emergency.

Buy coverage for 30 days or longer.

Affordable premiums with next day start date.

Large PPO Network of doctors and providers nationwide.

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Facts about Florida Short Term Health Insurance 

What is a pre-existing Condition? A preexisting condition is any medical condition that you were diagnosed for or treated in the last 6 months by a medical professional.

Preexisting conditions usually extends for 6-24 months for most short term plans.

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