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Internal Revenue Set HSA Insurance Account-Limit for 2015

Health Savings Account HSA, Limit set by Internal Revenue Service for 2015.

The IRS issue guideline providing 2115 inflation adjustment Contribution  deduction,including out of pocket spending limits for  Health Savings Account insurance Plan

Health Savings Account HSA as fallows.

Health Savings Account Insurance Plans

Annual Contribution Limit may not exceed  $3350 .

Annual Deductible must be at least $2600.

Individual Contribution                           $3350

Family contribution                                    $6350

Catch up for individual 55+ years old     $1000

Annual out of pocket limit may not exceed $12900 Health Saving Account Health insurance offer a tax deductible benefit to Individuals and Families when a HSA health spending account is establish as part of your health insurance policy.

A Health Savings Account HSA is one of the most  tax favored accounts in America and provides individuals with long term tax savings on health care cost,providing more for your health care dollars.

Your Hsa  account  is yours. The health care dollars in your accounts is yours and roll over year after year even after age 65  or if you change jobs.

Your qualified health savings account insurance plan works works along with your HSA Health Savings Account, your Individual health plan have to be establish with your agent or health insurance company as a tax qualified account . Your HSA account is set up with a financial institution as a independent savings or investment account and can only be use to pay for health care cost.

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