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Insurance Questions-What is the Affordable Care Act?

Insurance Questions

Florida Health Insurance Questions

Insurance Questions

The Affordable Care Act was pass by United States Congress and sign in to Law by President Barack Obama on March 23,2010. This law reform health Insurance giving Americans more Affordable access to Health Care.

Every one can buy coverage during open enrollment

Pre-existing medical conditions is no longer a factor in qualifying to purchase medical insurance. You can no longer be denied coverage. Health insurance plans are guaranteed issue.

No medical limit on the coverage you receive

Insurance companies can no longer put limit on medical care,or limit the amount of coverage you will receive under your medical insurance policy contract. Coverage is unlimited as long as premiums are paid.

Preventive Care Services

Preventive Care must be included in all health insurance plans with no Co-Pays or deductible .One annual doctors visit with out  cost and should include all preventive care services mandated by the law including labs and all testing mandated by the law.This includes pregnancy coverage and well baby care for pregnant mothers.

Wellness Care 

Wellness Care is a part of your health care coverage, design to promote health and fitness and require health insurance  companies to offer premium discounts for gym membership and if you enroll in a plan to help you eliminate smoking.

State Of Florida Health Insurance

Residents of Florida benefit from the tax credit that reduces the cost of Florida Medical Plans


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