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Health Insurance for the Uninsured-Affordable Health Care

Health Insurance for  Uninsured

The Affordable Care Act

Health insurance for  uninsured is a massive change  for the Health insurance marketplace.

This program offer big changes for consumers and for the health insurance companies a change focusing on wellness.Health insurance is now viewed as other insurance you must pay to access service.Health insurance for uninsured is never free. You must pay to access health care because providing affordable health care comes with a massive price tag. To keep cost down all residents must pay for coverage. Like it or not the old system would go bust just like the housing industry.Double digit percentage increases could not continue.

Over  47 million non elder Americans were uninsured in 2012.The goal of the Affordable Care Act is to decrease this massive number by offering subsidized coverage to qualified taxpaying individuals with income up to 400% of national poverty rate as of 2014 family foundation.

The Uninsured rate for adults in the United States as of April is down 13.4% a decrease from 15.0%.This is the lowest rate reduction since gallop health ways ways beginning tracking it in 2008.


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