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Florida Legislators-Pass Budget ,Health Care -Health Insurance

Florida Health Care-Florida Health Insurance Florida Legislators pass Budget. Including spending plan for Health Care in Florida.The top ten things on the list includes Health Care and Health Insurance.  Talahassee Florida AP News

  • HEALTH CARE: The budget does increase overall spending on Medicaid, the state’s safety net program. But the budget does not include any federal aid to expand Medicaid eligibility to roughly 1 million Floridians. Legislators have also set aside money to provide services to 1,260 disabled people on a waiting list.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE: Florida legislators kept intact low-cost health insurance for legislative staff, Gov. Rick Scott and other top state officials. Scott, a multimillionaire, currently pays less than $400 a year for family coverage. He had recommended raising the cost.  Legislators pay the same higher rate as other rank-and-file state workers.
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