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Does Healthy Individuals Need Health Insurance?

Affordable Health Insurance-The Need for Proper Health Insurance Coverage For all Americans Makes the most financial sense for the country Long Term well being.There is no way to keep the cost of health care check without having more Individuals properly Insured.The Idea of People Showing up at hospitals Emergency Rooms for health conditions that could have been treated by a doctor is just unreal.At the very least basic health Care should be a priority for every citizen and Legal Resident with some form of Hospital care base on a pre-determined coverage amount the cost should be the consumers responsibility.The Government can then get involve with some form of Cost Sharing arrangement for excess cost over the coverage amount.I am sure that the Insurance companies could develop a plan that cover the excess cost that is shared by Individuals and the Government .Health care Reform will make a difference in solving the long term needs of the Uninsured.In the Long run it will help to reduce Cost. 
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