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Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance Plans in Florida cover a percentage of income through retirement age or until Social Security disability income .Disability Insurance plans is protection against sickness or accidents if one of these events should take place you will receive a percentage of your paycheck. Disability insurance protection against lost of income.

Disability Insurance is guaranteed renewable  to age 67  which means as long as your premiums are paid your policy cannot be cancelled.

Are You Prepare if a disability should Occur to you ?

Will you be able to pay your monthly expense if you don’t get a paycheck for 30,60,90 days or more because of sickness or accident and you are totally disabled. There is a 1-4 chance that a disability could happen to you before you retire according to term disability could last for years.

Short Term Disability Income Insurance

Short Term disability insurance offer income protection for up to five years.In the event of illness or accidents disability coverage will provide a percent of income for up to 5 years for Personal disability insurance plans.

Disability income insurance -prevention American Income protection information -1,231,823 Americans have suffered a disability as a result of injury or illness as of April 2015.Disability income payments total $9.8 Billion in 2013 this indicate a 1,6% increase in long term disability claims.

What are the basic benefits that disability insurance pays

Some basic expense that disability  income insurance can help to pay is mortgage,rent,car payment,utilities,groceries, childcare and other expense. This means as you recover from your illness or adjust to the fact that you are totally disabled you will have the peace of mind knowing that  you will receive a portion of your paycheck according to your policy contract.Guaranteed renewable disability income insurance through age 67.

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