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Disability Income Insurance- Disability Protection Plan, West Palm Beach

Disability Income Protection Plan  West Palm Beach Florida, FL

There is a need to protect your income with disability insurance. Consider if you are unable to work because of sickness or accident, would you be able to pay mortgage, rent, car payments and other monthly expenses maintaining your standard of living. When you buy Individual disability coverage you are protecting your most important asset  your pay check. Disability income Protection.

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Disability coverage, DI can provide a monthly income representing a portion of your income to cover lost income while you are getting better after a medical illness or accident.

How Long Can You Go without your Income?

Most Disability Income policy have  a benefit period, which may start 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or more from disability. This is the time after disability and before benefits are paid. The elimination period can help to reduce your monthly disability cost, plan to cover your monthly expense from cash reserves before you start receiving disability benefits.

Guaranteed Disability Coverage through age 67

Disability Income Plans, Guaranteed through 67, which means as long as premiums are paid coverage will remain active and in effect. Disability plans can provide benefit period from 6 months through age 67 or until social security benefit begin. Disability income Protection ensure you financial needs will not get worst because you are not able to work.

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