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Affordable individual health insurance Florida provides benefits for preventive care includes hospital and pharmacy benefits.

Florida Affordable Medical Insurance

Not all health Insurance plans meet the required standard for minimum essential coverage required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Lack of medical coverage (minimum essential coverage) may result in a tax penalty with your taxes. Short term plans do not meet minimum essential coverage.

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On the health care market place, there are four levels of plans Bronz, Gold, and Platinum.

Each plan levels pay a different percentage of your health care cost. Health Plans are group this way to make it easier to shop for insurance coverage. When you buy Affordable medical Insurance Florida it is easier to understand your health plan and coverage options.

Platinum is the top of the line plan. It pays the highest portion of your health care bills 90%. It also cost more and in the recent year, some Insurance companies have offered this plan in group coverage only.

The base Plan Bronz pays 60% of your health care bills and costs less than all other levels of plans.

Metal Plans, Metal Levels, a simpler way for the consumer to understand their health care plans.

Plan Pays                           You Pay,  Co-Insurance

Bronz                 60%                                   40%

Silver                  70%                                   30%

Gold                   80%                                    20%

Platinum           90%                                   10%

You will pay your co- insurance on all your health care bills until you reach your maximum out of pocket cost in any one year then your plan will pay 100% of the remaining balance. When you buy medical Insurance Florida it is important to understand the metal description to understand your health plan benefits.

Affordable Medical Insurance Florida For A  Healthy Life Style

When you buy Affordable Health insurance in Palm Beach County, Affordable Health Insurance in Bell Glades FL, Affordable Health Insurance in Pahokee FL. If you Qualify for a Tax Credit you may get help to pay your health insurance premium during open enrollment Obamacare health Insurance for Palm Beach County Residents.

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