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Affordable Cobra Health Insurance Alternative Florida

Affordable Cobra Health Insurance Alternative West Palm Beach FL

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Cobra Continuation is not a Health Insurance Plan,It is a Federal Law passed in 1985 and sign into law by President Ronald Reagan.The law required that Group Health Insurance plans provide temporary extended Group health insurance coverage to employees that would otherwise end with your employment.

Who is Covered under Cobra

Cobra health coverage extend beyond the employee and include spouse,former spouse and all dependent children with out this  cobra law the coverage would have other wise ended.

What is the Cost of Cobra Medical Coverage 

The Individual employee and their dependent are required to pay 100% of the health insurance cost plus 2% charge for administration. The employer would normally pay a portion of the employee premium under extended coverage the employee pays all of the coverage.Divorce spouse is also protected under cobra law.

How long does Cobra Last?

Cobra Coverage can last up to 18 months and up to 36 months after the date employee employee becomes entitle to medicare.

Cobra Protection Coverage is available for events like

Job loss,voluntary or involuntary

Death of employee



Other life events as describe in the Cobra law

Compare Cobra Coverage for More Affordable Options

The Individual health insurance market may offer more affordable option to cobra coverage. The Affordable Care Act allow individuals to get coverage on the health care market place,from a health insurance agent West Palm Beach or from a health insurance company.Coverage can be purchase out side of open enrollment. Compare Cobra health insurance Personal Health Insurance Plans 

Additional cobra health insurance The ebsa, 

Cobra health insurance for Individuals and Families 

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