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ACA Open Enrollment in Florida 2018-Florida Health Care

Undrstanding health insurance-individual insurance plansACA Open Enrollment West Palm Beach Florida.

We are Health Insurance Brokers working with Florida Insurance Companies to provide Health Insurance Plans that fits your healthcare needs. We understand the difficulty in selecting an appropriate health plan for you and your family.  We help you simplify the selection process in the marketplace, with our in-depth understanding of the health plans that works best in your zip code or county. Our guidance will make it easier for you to choose the best health insurance plan for you or your family.

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Florida uninsured rate in 2013 was 22 %. Florida Uninsured Rate decline by 7 % to 15%

In 2017 over 1.4 million people were enrolled in marketplace coverage in Florida.

ACA Open Enrollment Florida 2018 allows individual and Families to buy health insurance coverage and enroll in a healthcare plan.

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End of open enrollment 1,760,025 as of January 31, 2017.

1,437,968 enrolled as of  February 2017 $364 Average monthly premium tax credit in 2017


9-10  marketplace enrollees are receiving subsidies in 2017

Data provided by Kaiser Health Foundation

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