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A Healthy Pregnancy and Health Insurance Coverage


Health Insurance and preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy.

Health care Insurance and Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous occasion in a woman’s life, and whether you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, having affordable individual health insurance with maternity coverage will ensure that you get the best prenatal care possible  giving you peace of mind. This is definitely a healthy start for mother and baby!


Prior to becoming pregnant you should boost your pre-conception health by doing some specific things such as

:Reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, including folic acid supplements in your diet to lower your risk of some birth defects of the brain and spine.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Conditions such as asthma, diabetes, depression, hypertension, obesity, thyroid problems and epilepsy can affect pregnancy so consult with your doctor prior to becoming pregnant.

Dietary, herbal supplements, over-the-counter and prescription medications should be discussed with your doctor.

Be up to date with all your vaccinations.

Avoid contact with toxic substances or harmful materials and stay away from chemicals, cats and rodent feces.

Health insurance will contribute to a more healthy pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant, to ensure that you get the best care possible, having medical insurance coverage is of great importance, whether you are healthy or already have a pre-existing condition. Also if your pregnancy is of highest risk you might be referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for specific care apart from the care you are receiving from your midwife or obstetrician.

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition by insurance companies. Health plans can no longer deny you coverage if you are pregnant. Neither can you be charged a higher premium to have a policy because you are pregnant.

You may already have health insurance through your job or your spouse’s job; or you can shop for coverage in the health insurance market-place with the help of an insurance broker or agent.

Based on your income you may qualify for Medicaid in your state.

How to Get Health Insurance with maternity Coverage after your baby is born

Having a baby qualifies you for a special enrollment period .This means that after you have your baby you can enroll in or change your market place health coverage even if the open  enrollment period has passed. When you enroll in a new plan the coverage can be effective the day the baby was born.   with maternity Coverage offer benefits for prenatal care,

If you already had Marketplace coverage you  can do  one of two things after your baby is born: keep your current health plan and add your  child to your coverage( 2) change to a different marketplace health plan. Consult our agent to help you make the change and get Individual and family coverage

Purchasing Affordable health insurance to cover pregnancy can no longer be excluded on any health Insurance plan.For the most part pregnancy is covered when you buy individual health insurance on the Health Care Market Place  or when you buy off the market place through an agent or directly from the health insurance company.The Affordable Care Act -Obama Care Health Insurance.

If you reside in West Palm Beach  Fl,South Florida or in any other City or County in Florida.If you are just moving in the State of Florida you can still buy Health Insurance Coverage with maternity.You may be able to qualify as a life change.

Find a Plan that is right for you and your Family with the Maternity Benefits you need.  Get a Quote  A healthy pregnancy and health insurance coverage.

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A healthy baby starts with a healthy pregnancy

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