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10 Life Insurance Mistakes You Must Avoid, Are You Insured

 Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid Florida

When you buy life insurance you are thinking most of all about the future security of  your love ones. The fact is that some times  with best intentions life do change. Couples get divorce or a medical illness or accident happen suddenly , a child is born with a chronic medical illness and will need financial support  as long as he or she lives. Life insurance proceeds can provide the financial protection for a secure future even if worst should happen.

Life Insurance is an important financial purchase an individual could make for their family or business it is important  that we get the details right.

The Intent of your Life Insurance  Coverage

The intent of life insurance is is to provide income replacement and security for your love ones if you die but if life circumstances have change you still have the responsibility that create the need for insurance You should review and change or update your individual  life insurance beneficary accordingly.10 life insurance mistakes to avoid  at all cost. These mistakes are completely avoidable and can be easily corrected. Read The Article here Lincoln Financial 10-most-life-insurance-mistakes 

Read the entire article above to get the entire list of Life Insurance mistakes

Mistake no 2 : The parties forget to name at lease two contingent or secondary beneficary.

Mistake no 9 : The parties forget that Term Life Insurance including group coverage will self terminate at the end of the policy contract period.
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  1. Lloyd G.Robinson Post author

    Life Insurance is the single most important financial purchase an individual or Business could purchase for their beneficary.Individual Life Insurance Plans is purchase to replace income in the event of death.

    Business owners buy life insurance known as Key Person Life Insurance to protect business interest and capital investments. Businesses use Life insurance proceeds to liquidate partners equity interest allowing the business to continue. Life Insurance protect your family providing peace of mind and security.
    Lloyd G.Roinson